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04. Dezember 2019


Eric Bauers Filmmusik zu Im Vorhof der Geschichte - Celebrating Marx wurde auf Bandcamp veröffentlicht. Wenn Sie hören mögen ...

Im Vorhof der Geschichte - Celebrating Marx: Trailer

Den Trailer zum Film gibt es hier.

Im Vorhof der Geschichte - Celebrating Marx: Teaser I & II

200 Jahre Karl Marx: Feierlichkeiten mit Tanz und Gesang.

Die Marx-Ampel weist die Richtung: stehen oder gehen?

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Triumph of the Good Will

Now on demand: International version of Triumph of the Good Will with english subtitles. Please watch here.

Triumph of the Good Will
Documentary, 2016, 95 mins.

The latest part of the series "How to remember?" deals on film with the writings of the publicist Eike Geisel (1945-1997). It focuses on Geisel's criticisms of German politics of memory and his thesis on the "Wiedergutwerdung der Deutschen" ("becoming-good-again of the Germans"). Writings by Geisel from the 1990s, i.a. about the New Guardhouse and the Holocaust memorial in Berlin contrast the current pictures of the memorial sites described. They indicate a normality that should not exist.

In addition, extensive interviews (conducted in 2015) with Alex Feuerherdt, Klaus Bittermann, Hermann L. Gremliza and Henryk M. Broder analyze Geisel's theses with regard to social conditions today. Proceeding from the political biography of Eike Geisel, Triumph of the Good Will draws a picture of debates about politics of memory over the last decades and eventually asks for the possibility of criticism in impossible times.

Eike Geisel, who in the 1980s and 1990s was one of the harshest critics of the recycling of the German past as well as of the German-Jewish fraternization kitsch, partly caused great controversy through his essays and polemics. He also worked as a translator and publisher for Hannah Arendt's English writings and also appeared as a writer of historical works, i.a. about Berlin's Scheunenviertel and the Jüdischer Kulturbund (Jewish Cultural Federation).

Im Vorhof der Geschichte - Celebrating Marx!

Nach Dreharbeiten in Berlin, Köln, Bonn, Brüssel und Paris wurden auch Teile des vom Rosa Salon veranstalteten Marx!?-Kongresses in Trier mit der Kamera begleitet.


Now on Vimeo: Two early films of the series "How to Remember?" - With english subtitles ...

Im Vorhof der Geschichte

Eric Bauer schreibt über das gemeinsame Projekt im nächsten Jahr:

"And I can announce that I will be contributing the music for a documentary by Mikko Linnemann on the upcoming Marx Year, the Kitsch around it; contrasted by contemporary marxist critique of political economy. I am gonna have total freedom and be able to create the music while having the final cut in front of me. Although it will take some time until its realisation, I am already excited to work on this with Mikko."